Flap Construction

Install the 1/4" x 1/8" plywood mounting rails for the flap servos.

Attach the 1/4" plywood or hardwood servo mounting blocks to W16 to suit your particular flap servo. For extra strength it is advised to pin the blocks to W16 with small dowels or toothpicks secured with epoxy.

Build & install the flap actuating push rod. Note that a clearance hole is required in the shear web for the push rod. I temporarily pinned the flap hinges in place so that the flaps could be hooked up and operated and any adjustments made. Be absolutely certain that everything works properly, all connections are secure, and all screws are installed and tightened. None of this mechanism is accessable once the bottom sheeting is in place. If you want to add hatches to allow access to the flap servos that can be done at your discretion.

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