Add the top lamination of 1/16" x 1/2" soft balsa to the main spar and sand to match the contour of the ribs. While your sanding go ahead and block sand the entire top of the wing in order to elliminate any high spots that might cause distortions in the sheeting.

Prepare the main top wing skin from 3/32" balsa sheet. Please take note of the area directly above the wheel well which is sheeted seperately. It may be possible to to sheet this area with the rest of the wing if you soak the sheeting in a water/ammonia solution and use judicious amounts of weight to hold it while the glue dries. However, I found it much easier to simply sheet the area seperately. If sheeted seperately make sure your main wing skin falls on the center of the 1/4" x 1/8" stringer as well as the center of R3 to allow glue surface for the remaining sheeting. Alternatively, a doubler could be added to R3. (Similar to R2a)

NOTE: Sheet only to the center of the rear spars and leave the area above the flaps unsheeted for the time being. You will need access to this area for construction of the rear wing hold down and when installing the flap push rods.

Once the glue is completely dry the wing can be removed from the building board and the jig tabs broken free from each rib. Be sure to clean up any imperfections left behind by the jig tabs with a sanding block.

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